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Schism over Gordhan widens. Western Cape police boss reportedly told to vacate his position by 15 July. Horror at NationalArtsFestival as magic stunt goes wrong. Read next on IOL. Most Read on IOL. Related Articles Tuk-tuks causing headaches in Paris. Didier takes on 24 km tuk-tuk trip. Cape could come alive with tuk-tuks. Thai tuk-tuks phut-phutting across the world. Matric pupils' tuk tuk charity drive. Epic tuk tuk fundraiser hits R Share this article with a friend Your Name:. Friend's Name:. Friend's Email:. Yet, it must be asked whether someone who is branded as corrupt in their dealings with the public is corrupt because of personal moral depravity or because of the social acceptance of deviant practices.

Our bishops indicate their awareness of the widespread acceptance of corruption in many cases. They comment that statistics demonstrate that half the citizens of the South-. It seems, then, that as long as a blind eye is turned to blatant acts of dishonesty and bribery, these can be tolerated, so as not to rock the boat. This may seem like a cosy arrangement for those who benefit from unscrupulousness, but it remains a morally reprehensible business. When people harden their hearts to the point of insensitivity, their conscience can be said to be in error because it concentrates on personal convenience and is blind to the moral repercussions of what they do.

We are asked to examine our own attitudes as citizens, within the family, society and the Church. A change of heart is called for. The bishops ask us to examine our consciences and to resist the temptation to participate in corrupt actions. This will apply to those who offer a bribe and to those who pay it. Vatican II said that our conscience is our most secret core and sanctuary where we are alone with God whose voice echoes in our depths Gaudium et Spes, Those who do not or will not enter that sanctuary due to pressure from others or to sheer laxity will need to be encouraged and assisted to appreciate the voice of conscience and, at the same time, the damage they are doing to their community.

The Editor reserves the right to shorten or edit published letters. Letters below words receive preference. Name and address of the writer must be supplied. No anonymous letter will be considered. P Or even with some Protestant receives The Southern Cross from a neighbour and seems sceptical book, if that could convince her, beabout the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding abortion and contraception October 9.

Maybe it is time the neighbour drops not only The Southern Cross at her place, but also drops in himself, armed possibly with some Catholic. You appear to love and care for your own children. Have you brought them up to believe that the joyful gift of a child should take place as a result of the marriage act in a committed relationship after a wedding? What mother could stand the sight of an innocent baby being torn limb from limb and having its skull crushed?

And to see the child trying to avoid the intrusive instruments. And as for contraception—Onan spilled his seed on the ground. What does a condom do? I have heard evidence from at least one woman who was conceived in rape. Also, I know of a woman who had survived an abortion as an infant as, surprisingly, the doctor and nurses in attendance saved her life. She had gratitude not only for her life but for her adoptive parents who loved her through her physical and spiritual difficulties.

When you mention fear of priests, I want to laugh!

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Lastly, I feel sad for your daughters. I understand the Pill is often an abortifacient in nature and has consequences which may make a woman unable to conceive when the time comes when she would welcome a child. I hope this has helped your understanding.

Mona Neylan, Cape Town. For further information or to book contact:. At the age of 13, I became prolife because our teacher told us about abortion.

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You will see those faces and call out. I and my nursing friends witnessed the same from old ladies before they died. So warn young women and save them from an agonising, guilty death. We are all responsible for our choices and actions. Mary Bowers, Cape Town. This year the insidious world movement to discredit Mary on many levels plumbed unparalleled depths with the appearance of an online contention that the Blessed Virgin should have aborted Christ.

This resulted in the formation of an international group called Catholics and Protestants United against Worldwide Christian Discrimination. Christians, whatever their denomination, cannot ignore blasphemy against Mary and, by implication, against Jesus Christ. We have to express our love for God and all matters linked to him—including the mother whose ovum opinions expressed in The Southern Cross, especially in Letters to the Editor, do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor or staff of the newspaper, or of the Catholic hierarchy.

The letters page in particular is a forum in which readers may exchange opinions on matters of debate. Letters must not be understood to necessarily reflect the teachings, disciplines or policies of the Church accurately. Mary is first mentioned in Genesis as the woman whose offspring Jesus will crush the head of the serpent Satan. Thus Mary was the great sign promised by God the Creator to our world.

The editorial reminds us that the Holy Father has asked us to engage with the world. In doing so, the pope did not offer us carte blanche to cringe from parrying confrontation but expressed his desire to enrich the world with a faith in which Mary continues to play a glorious part. No doubt all of us Christians would wish to become as salt of the earth. Christ warned us, however, that salt when it loses its taste loses its purpose. Mazeltov to those who, scorning to pay lip-service to a unilateral semantic correctness, steadfastly oppose the evil force of Mary-bashing which is sweeping the world.

Luky Whittle, Kroonstad. The organisation was initiated in , and its main focus is to care for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children around the Community of Qwa-Qwa. Charles Provan, a Protestant minister, wrote interestingly about contraception in his book The Bible and Birth Control. It is true that the Bible does not. But the most convincing reason why the Catholic Church condemns abortion is found in the biology books in high school: pre-born babies, also the ones conceived through rape, are human beings. JH Goossens, Dundee. Currently the Organisation is caring for children who are registered on our database.

In order to continue with our work, we require ongoing support from generous donors. We need funds to cover costs for the above-mentioned activities for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Should you wish to donate please contact the Coordinator: Mr. Johannes Khehla Mabuya tel , mobile , fax , stkizitocp gmail. One could write a whole dissertation on the subject, but I will confine myself to just a few thoughts that may touch a few heartor apron- or purse-strings. Rites of passage for us are home-related or church-related or both. Some are old traditions that may still carry importance, such as introducing a baby to the family ancestors, or initiation schools or traditional wedding practices that include negotiations and lobola, or dealing with death in the family.

Other rites of passage are more churchy, especially reception of the sacraments. But what has crept in to all these? Baptism should be a welcoming into the Christian family, but it has also become little more than a social event. Why do nonchurch-going families insist on having a baby baptised and get angry if the priest challenges them on that? There was a time when girls were dressed up as little brides— sometimes perhaps with a little too much focus on the dress, but then dressing up for this special welcoming of Jesus does have merit.

Some parishes now make the boys and girls dress uniformly in baggy altar server type garb, which at least takes the focus off the clothes. There are other rites of passages that have evolved over time which can cause a headache to financially hard-pressed parents as well as their adolescent, almost adult, children—the matric dance. Having made five matric dance dresses. Listening to a radio programme on which callers express their dearest wish, I was shocked. Her request was chosen above others which probably were equally or more deserving. Choosing a partner can be a problem.

The girl you asked six months ago may not be your friend any more and your current girlfriend is highly upset. Whose dress is the most glamorous, which guy is the cutest, or hottest, or coolest?

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Are there teachers and are they watching? What will happen at the afterparty? What about drinks? And so it goes. Is it worth it? Leaving the school years behind is a rite of passage experienced in dozens of ways by young people. Maybe it is a relief to get out of a bullying environment or an intellectually challenging time. Maybe the school years have been good, hard work but satisfying, making good friends for life.

It is highly unlikely that matrics will choose to end their school days with a retreat to rest awhile in a small boat afloat on the river of life. Can one blame them? The next stage— further studies, acquiring skills, getting a job—looms and may seem mountainous. Whatever the reality for them, let us pray that they may all survive well this rite of passage on their journey to eternal life and have a safe trip.

Let us too, of course, during the month of November pray that those who have entered another phase of eternal life will be at rest and that those whom they loved and are left behind, still on their earthly portion of the journey, will be at peace. What does the Church say?

However, there is a concern, especially among prophets, against abuses where wealth becomes a tool of oppression of the poor by the rich. In the New Testament, economic activity is considered a response to human vocation to cultivate and develop the earth. That is why in the parable of the talents Mt Jesus praises the industrious servants who made profit from what was given to them. However, the material goods should be at the service of all—sharing is imperative. So it is evil to hoard riches for oneself in the face of suffering masses for it contradicts the principal of universal destination of goods Human beings are administrators and not owners of the earthly goods.

Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry. He focussed on building larger barns to hoard his grain in the face of empty stomachs. Other Church Fathers also emphasised sharing.

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Evil is seen in the immoderate attachment to riches and the desire to hoard. He who retains riches only for himself is not innocent; giving to those in need means paying a debt. Capitalism becomes a matter of concern if it is understood as unlimited freedom in the economic sector without regard for the principle of common good, that is, if the suffering people are ignored.

Therefore, although profit may be an indicator of a healthy business, we have to cross-examine: is it really serving the community? Therefore, the Church teaches, important decisions concerning finances to buy or sell, resize or close should not be limited to financial and commercial factors CSDC Even the free market has to be exercised in the light of social service to the human person. Neville Gallichan.

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But first we need to backtrack a couple of centuries. Charlemagne became the Holy Roman Emperor in the year Europe was held together politically and socially by the feudal system which was structured around the possession of land. By swearing allegiance to a feudal lord who provided them with land, nobles became his vassals. They and their dependants would receive his protection in exchange for services of different kinds.

But there was an inherent problem. Among the powerful landowners were bishops and abbots who had accumulated wealth. They had vassals below them but they also were vassals to laymen overlords to whom they owed allegiance. This opened the way to abuse. Pope Gregory VII A lay overlord could nomiin an 11th-century nate a favourite to be made manuscript bishop in a comfortably affluent position.

A cleric could bribe a lay lord to be given a lucrative bishopric. In the process canon law was forgotten so that wealthy prelates took office without the necessary canonical procedures. If a cleric had a wife and children, these could inherit property that rightfully belonged to the Church. This unedifying period of history called for reform. Pope Benedict VIII in prohibited children of the clergy from inheriting property, and canon law began to be reinforced from Rome.

Theologians argued strongly in favour of celibacy of the clergy, pointing out how it had a solid and honourable history. Priests may not marry and bishops may not allow them to marry. Pope Gregory was acting to enforce the requirements of canon law which, in the feudal system, had been very much overshadowed by civil law and even the whims of powerful men.

Unmarried priests were far more likely to be answerable to spiritual authority in those days, being untrammelled by the demands of family and property and the temptation to possess worldly goods, and this understanding spread across Europe. Later popes carried on this reforming trend. Clerical marriages were declared null and void. At the general councils of the Lateran in and the matter was finalised and later reaffirmed at the Council of Trent in Anonymity can be preserved by arrangement, but questions must be signed, and may be edited for clarity.

Only published questions will be answered. Dubrovnik, Medugorje. Southern Cross business manager Pamela Davids represented the newspaper. Bishop Sandri and fellow pilgrims enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Bishop Sandri had the privilege of meeting the pope during the audience. It was built over a to year period concluding around BC.

Bishop Sandri celebrates Mass in the grotto of Gethsemane. The grotto marks the place where it is believed that Judas betrayed Jesus, according to a tradition documented in AD by the Bordeaux Pilgrim. Elizabeth Arendse sits on the steps on Mount Zion on which we know for certain our Lord and our Lady and the disciples walked. Behind the fountain is the 15th century church of our Lady of the Sacred Heart. HO are the holy men and women Pope Francis looks up to? He revealed many of them in two recently published interviews.

I could tell you the name of the best football players in Argentina. But the saints Here then, in no exact order, are the saints Pope Francis has a particular fondness for or credits with playing an important role in his religious formation. The pope took his name after this 13th-century Italian friar. He is a man who wants to do things, wants to build, he founded an order and its rules, he is an itinerant and a missionary, a poet and a prophet, he is mystical.

He found evil in himself and rooted it out. He is the most shining example of that agape, that is, to love one another as Jesus loved. The apostle explained that priests and bishops must serve the flock with tenderness and love, helping them grow and protecting them from danger, Pope Francis said. While Pope Francis has not spoken more in-depth about this saint, the Benedictine spirituality seeks a balanced way of living with prayer, work and rest that does not ignore the primacy of God.

It is also about living out the Gospel by being faithful in the little things of everyday life. Holy Mass twice daily, safe and spacious gardens, free parking and many other amenities. For further information please contact The Social Worker: socialworker nazarethhousejohannesburg. St Joseph The pope keeps in his room a statue of St Joseph sleeping, and he has a symbol of St Joseph—the spikenard flower—on his papal coat of arms. I look forward to meeting with all of you once again. We will be meeting at Nazareth House for Mass followed by a bring and share lunch in the church hall. Please contact Maureen to join the celebration.

Email: maureenfernandes gmail. Could Assistant Ministers of the Eucharist and Readers please contact me if you are willing to serve on that day. Look for the Big Five in the company of our trained rangers, take a guided bushwalk you will never forget, and after dinner around a fire relax in our chalets — or in a treehouse.

We offer a wide spectrum of affordable programmes for backpackers and bush connoisseur alike. Crime statistics: what do they mean? RIME statistics are not just cold numbers and figures when you have been personally touched by crime. For those affected, every number represents a life shattered and violated. Often it takes only one crime to completely ruin a life. Every crime is one too many. It is thus a sad state of affairs when politicians and others try to score points using crime statistics, as is often the case, when these are released.

In the space of ten months I have been personally touched by at least four incidents of crime which have affected my sense of security and keep me wondering what it is we are not doing right. The first incident happened at the local gym where I regularly go for exercise. I had the key on me and the lock was still intact, but my belongings were missing. It transpired that someone had managed to evade the security system and got away with my belongings.

Thank God, I said to myself, nothing irreplaceable had been stolen. I have also become less trusting of those around me. The second incident happened at home. After a full day of work I. Crime leaves people shaken and violated, and less trustful of others, Fr Raymond Mwangala writes. Upon inquiry I was told that a break-in had taken place during the day and belongings of the housekeeper had been stolen. A security door had been forced open for the thieves to gain entry to the room.

My thoughts: outrage at the sense of violation and gratitude that no life had been lost. My third brush with crime or near-brush took place in the centre of town. On this day I had taken some visitors from Rome to Pietermaritzburg to see the statue of Gandhi. As we busied ourselves taking. He recognised them as thugs who regularly harassed people in the vicinity and robbed them of their belongings, especially electronic gadgets and wallets. My visitors and I felt so helplessly insecure. As we hurriedly left the vicinity we kept wondering where the attack would come from.

Nothing happened. Thank God for the warning—but again, I felt so violated and insecure. The fourth and final incident has shaken me to the core. Thieves broke into our community house. Again, I am grateful that no life was lost. How many lives have been lost to crime? The monetary value of the items stolen is minimal, but the sense of violation and the insecurity created is beyond measure.

Will installing further security measures make us any more secure? Others no doubt have suffered worse experiences of crime. This is not the point. The point is, every. So, whether the item lost is big or small, the damage caused is profound. It is therefore disheartening to hear politicians debating the meaning of crime statistics and trying to score points. Surely every crime committed is one too many and everything possible should be done to stop crime. There are no easy solutions to the problem: increased security, visible policing, stiffer penalties for offenders, more legislation will not, on their own, solve the problem.

Socio-economic and cultural factors also need to be taken into account. Why, for instance, does it seem more profitable for some to engage in crime rather than work honestly to earn a living? Responding to particular incidences of crime is also not enough. A more holistic and integrated approach which targets root causes and which involves all sectors of society is required. Individual measures to ensure the security of our lives and property should not be overlooked, though paradoxically they often turn us into prisoners in our own homes while doing very little to improve our sense of security.

Statistics will always mean different things to different people. For some, one crime is the difference between life and death. One thing though, crime should not be reduced to cold numbers and figures. It involves real people whose lives are ruined. While still in effect in exceptional cases, persons now entering the Catholic Church are not required to abjure their former doctrinal errors.

Their positive profession of the Catholic faith implies their abjuration of whatever they may have once held contrary to this faith. Prizes are: 1. Feber Ferrari 6v F1 Race Car battery operated yrs 2. Thumpa 70 Bike Scrambler yrs. Died November 7, Lovingly remembered by your sons and daughters and their families. Love, peace and light in the mystery of the Kingdom of God.

Died on All Souls Day, November 2, We long to see you again.

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