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I do not believe that you have anything to worry about. If your baby is feeding poorly or not gaining weight, you need to consult with your doctor.

Recognizing the Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism

I am scare. He feels very jelouse with his elder sister.. You may want to see a speech pathologist and have an assessment done. This may just be a language delay. It is impossible for me to comment beyond that as I am not a doctor nor have I seen your son. Could this be a sign of autism. I am unable to answer specific questions like these as I am not a doctor nor have I observed your daughter.

My daughter is almost 10 months old and is hitting all her milestones she crawls pulling to stand and laughs with us and other family members. This is a question more then a comment, my 10 month old does this thing where he cups his ear and moves his arm back and forth while clapping his ear when he gets mad or frustrated, could this be something for me to worry about? Our 12 month old is very interactive with immediate family and care takers. Often smiling and laughing, no issues with eye contact, playing peek a boo, passing toys back and forth, etc.

Should we be concerned? My son is 7. At 4 months he had meningitis and the doctors believe he recovered well. He did 3 weeks of physical therapy at 6 months and started to crawl shortly afterwards. I read that some babies focus on physical development in speech and vice versa.

5-year-old girl with autism mistakes bride for Cinderella, has magical moment with kind stranger

Is that true? Should I be worrying? My 5 months baby tremble her hands when she is laughing and when see looking at me. Also she start to sucking her lip when i finished giving her bottle and sometimes i think she is hurgy and i will feed her. Hello my son is 12 weeks old. Full term baby. But when I put him infront is my face to do eye contact he looks away and keeps doing so.. He also smiles At clothes when I hang them around the house to dry from hooks on out ceiling.

My daughter was exposed to watching nursery rhymes video in as early as 2 mos. Is ist possible that the doctor can diagnose autism in my child in those 2 brief meeting with my kid? My daughter is making eye contact with me but respond only to her name when called whenever she wants to. We refrain her from watching nursery rhymes for almost a week now and she seems more attentive than she is still hooked up with the videos. She began her mamama wording wen she is 11mos but i seldom hear it from her now, only the am am am wordings.

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Is it a sign of autism? There are signs there that your doctor is concerned about. Your doctor is not diagnosing your daughter after two observations but it saying he sees some red flags that should be investigated. A developmental pediatrician will be better able to assess your daughter and will take more time to do so using specific assessment tools. I have a 7 month old who is really aggressive she hits ,scratches, and yells even while playing alone. Also her babbling has become more of a grunting sound. Are these signs of autism that I should be concerned about?

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Keep an eye on her development. There are also great inactive games you can play with her to increase communication and socialization. I have a 12 week old daughter who was born 8 weeks premature. She makes eye contact but only for a fee seconds. She fixates on the ceiling and the ceiling fans and has not started babbling as yet. Kim, this is way too early to starting worrying and your daughter was born 8 weeks prematurely so there could be some developmental delays as a result.

I am assuming you are under the supervision of a pediatrician. I have an almost 10 month old little girl who has hit every milestone except for mimicking us. Does that matter? Also, she smiles at us when we smile and make a sound or a gasp or something. Is that normal? Is that something babies with autism can do? Chrissy, from what you have described here, you have nothing to worry about. Your daughter sounds social and she is engaging well with you. Pointing and using gestures is a good sign that everything is developing normally here. The article also suggests things you can do to support healthy development.

Hi I have a 8 month old boy who talks, smiles, plays,rolls, crawls and does all the normal stuff for his age except his eyes are still not in line. He side eyes alot and his eyes will drift, but he can focus on people and greets everyone with a smile. I just wanted your input of wether you believe he could potentially be showing signs of atisum? What you have described here all sounds like normal childhood development.

I do not think he is showing signs of autism based on your description. If any other concerns come up that worry you, please consult your doctor. I am only a parent, not a doctor and I have not seen your son in action. My 7 month old daughter is doing a scratching movement with her hand, mostly on surfaces such as sheets, carpets, tables, and toys.

Autistic women share their experiences and offer tips to parents with daughters on the spectrum

Sometimes she moves her hands like that without anything in them. Someone told me that is a sign of autism. Is that true?. She does not exhibit any of the signs listed on the article.

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  • Ingrid, there is nothing to be concerned about here. The scratching movement may just be providing sensory input for your daughter. If you have any further concerns, please consult your doctor. He does it many times… Is it autism??? Hand flapping can also be a way a baby expresses joy or excitement. If your baby is reaching development milestones, is happy and interactive with you, I would not worry. I had a gut feeling about my daughter before she was a year old and I was right. Her brother had already been diagnosed with autism so I knew what I was seeing but no one would diagnose her until she was almost 2.

    My 12mth hand flaps constantly, he will also sit an rock backwards an forwards, he gets fixed on a toy just one toy but will then do the same movement with for example bash it into his face sometimes leaving a bruise this can go on for up to 20mins. He doesnt answer to his name but will give short spells of eye contact only when he wants to though.

    Do you think hes showing signs. Elaine, these could be early signs of autism. Is there any language development or use of gestures such as waving bye-bye? My daughter did not respond to her name either. I would suggest bringing these concerns up with your family doctor and ask where you can go from here. There are other areas that would need to be assessed before a diagnosis is made.

    Hello Dennise, It is too early to be concerned. I have 5 months old baby. She smiled only after 4. Which is absolutely normal. She just started to roll now at 5 months. Every child is different. Wait for some more time to decide. Dont stick too much to the signs of autism, you feel that every single behavior your child is a sign of autism. This is my experience. So atleast wait until 6months. I brought it up to my pediatrician at his 8 week appointment but they said it was too early to detect any possible problems.

    My Life and My Little Girl on the Autism Spectrum - Autism Society

    Please let me know your input!! Denisse, you may be panicking too early. Do you think that your baby hears sounds? When I hear that a baby is not alerting to sounds, I worry about a hearing impairment. If you still see these signs at 6 months, bring your concerns up again to your doctor. When I look back on video of my son as a baby, his autism is obvious to me now. Babies change a lot in the first year.

    A lot of changes are ahead. No doctor will diagnose a baby this early with autism. Too much can change in the months ahead. Is it possible completely normal 5 months child who make eye contact and also smilling and make babbling will turn to autism. My sister has a autism child will that effect mine too? We need to appreciate what neurodiversity can offer. The easily digestible book explains why doctors identify autism in women so much less frequently than they do men. Not just in the playground but — crucially — to the gatekeepers of services for those with autism, such as teachers and GPs.

    Under-diagnosing autism in females matters. There is virtually no specialist support, academic or otherwise, for girls. One of the key problems in diagnosing females with autism is that they can present very differently to males with autism. In the words of a research paper on the issue: they pretend to be normal. A complete fallacy. Autism is a developmental disorder that is marked by two unusual kinds of behaviors: deficits in communication and social skills, and restricted or repetitive behaviors.

    Children with autism also often have sensory processing issues. Epstein, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist. Stereotypes may get in the way of recognition. Epstein notes. In fact, according to a study at Stanford University , autistic girls exhibit less repetitive and restricted behavior than boys do. The study also found brain differences between autistic boys and girls help explain this discrepancy.

    This Little Girl With Autism Never Used To Speak Until She Bonded With A Cat

    Nash explains. Nash adds that these girls can also be misdiagnosed with ADHD. Epstein says. And they may get away with it to third grade or fifth grade, but once they get to junior high and high school, it shows as a problem. This has been the case for Lisa, now Join our list and be among the first to know when we publish new articles.