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He gave the race its unusual name because he thought the roadways around Nova Scotia resembled a lobster. The five-day race had five stages, composed of four legs winding around the province of approximately km each and one day of time trials. The first stage was from Yarmouth to Annapolis Royal. The second stage went to St.

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The third stage was composed of two time trials, Hubbards in the morning and Truro in the early evening. The fourth stage was from Truro to Antigonish.

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The final stage went from Port Hawkesbury to Baddeck. Each team was composed of four people—three riders and one in support.

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The support person was not allowed to ride. The three riders took turns completing the distance of the race. ToT has always been one of my favorite rides of all Disney parks. This sounds so fun. Is there any chance the ride will be operating before the grand opening? Good musical choices. Aerosmith add so much to the Rock N Rollercoaster that this should be fun. By submitting this form, you are granting Disney Parks Blog permission to email you. You can revoke permission to mail your email address at any time using the unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email.

Andy finds out that Dwight was signing off on his own sales reports without consulting Andy. Despite the difficulty in being reached at sea, Andy is furious that he was not consulted. Erin marches into Andy's office and breaks up with him, stating that his being gone for 3 months is the reason for her disgust with him.


David overhears this information as he is on the phone with Andy on speaker. After Erin dumps Andy, Andy steals her phone to find out who she's dating. Andy realizes that she is going out with a guy named Pete. Andy doesn't know who Pete is at first because he's called Pete by the nickname Andy bestowed on Pete for so long that Andy forgot his real name.

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In the episode " Stairmageddon ", Andy goes to a talent agent named Carla Fern in order to pursue his dream of being famous. Carla signs him on as a client and he begins working as an actor. In the episode " Livin' the Dream ", Andy decides to pursue stardom by quitting his job at Dunder Mifflin. This comes as a boon to David Wallace who had finally decided to fire Andy when Andy stated that he wanted to step down from Regional Manager. Various people around the office tell Andy that he won't be successful.

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Andy asks David Wallace if he can stay on as a salesperson. David Wallace agrees and Andy becomes a salesman instead. Andy then decides that having a steady job would distract him from his goal to become a professional in show business. This does not work.

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  • Andy brings up the fact that he lost the White Pages account " Couples Discount " and starts an argument with David Wallace. After Wallace becomes enraged and finally fires him, Andy tops it off by defecating on Wallace's new car. Andy is next seen trying out for an a cappella talent show. The judges are not impressed by his lackluster audition of Cornell's fight song and Andy begins breaking down and crying on camera. His audition and breakdown are leaked to the internet and the video goes viral. Andy gets the fame he was chasing, but not the fame he had in mind.

    Like many others in the office, his wish has come true. His infamy causes Cornell to invite him to speak at their graduating class' commencement ceremony.


    The success of his commencement speech prompts Cornell to offer him a post as one of Cornell's admission counselors. After attending Dwight's wedding, Andy states that while he worked in the office, all he could think about were his old friends at Cornell and now that he's at Cornell, all Andy can think of are the friends he made in the office. Starting with Gay Witch Hunt , Andy appears and has lines in every episode, with the following exceptions:.