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The Financing of Immigrant-owned Firms in Canada.

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Changing Immigrant Characteristics and Entry Earnings. Evidence from Canadian Tax Records.

Field Epidemiology Manual

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Analytical studies: a framework for quality improvement design and analysis

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Introduction Descriptive and Analytic Studies Summary epidemiological study designs Descriptions of descriptive and analytic studies Introduction There are two basic types of epidemiologic studies: descriptive and analytic. Learning objectives Upon completion of this lesson you will be able to: Define two basic types of epidemiologic studies and identify and describe some of the methods and tools associated with each. Describe a number of different types of descriptive studies, as well as the strengths and limitations of each. Identify and describe the importance of the basic epidemiologic variables of person, time and place, various dimensions of these variables, and the role that these variables play in determining population health.

Journal of Biochemistry and Analytical Studies

Outline how epidemiologic concepts and variables are relevant in your work. An assignment at the end of the lesson will build on your notes and examples.

Prospective Cohort Studies

Descriptive and Analytic Studies. Types of observational analytic studies include: case-control studies; cohort studies; cross-sectional or prevalence surveys used in descriptive studies as well. Experimental analytic studies can further be sub-divided into: clinical trials; preventive trials; community intervention trials. To differentiate between them, it is important to consider the following: when the suspected causative factor exposure is measured in relation to when the outcome is measured; what is being compared to what — one of the fundamentals of epidemiology is comparison e.

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