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I know that this is supposed to be the end, but I am really hoping that someday we will see a short novella about the people that the three books focused on finding each other again. Each book is completely a stand-alone novel, but all the characters started out in this crazy journey together.

It would be nice to see some sort of reunion among them. Feb 17, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: kick-ass-heroines , paranormal-romance , feline-shifters , tortured-hero , post-apocalypse. Daybreak 4. Now, they have been reunited by chance and are subject to a passion that knows no bounds.

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But in a time of danger and uncertainty, Pen and Tru's love will be tested and they must decide whether to risk everything for each other and for humanity. Review Pen and Tru were intriguing characters in the first book and their story does not disappoint. Tru i Daybreak 4. Tru is an amalgamation of opposites in both his human and animal forms. He initially comes across as selfish, amoral and uncaring but this is merely a facade to conceal his fear of love and loss.

In this respect, his character is merely an older version of the punk teen from book 1 who hid is insecurities behind a sarcastic attitude. Pen is a powerful witch but she fears her abilities, and this makes her prone to misplaced martyrdom.

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The way in which she grows, learns and accepts that she is worthy of giving and receiving love makes her a wonderful heroine. Together, Tru and Pen are extremely likeable although there are some questionable aspects to their sexual relationship view spoiler [ Pen is willing to barter her body for Tru's protection and later bewitches him during sex hide spoiler ].

Nevertheless, they have a compelling chemistry and an all-encompassing passion and abiding love. They learn to accept each other without reservations and this makes them a truly remarkable couple. The plot involving the struggle for survival in a changing world continues with the battle against a megalomaniac leader bent on garnering power and enslaving those who oppose him reminiscent of The Postman with Kevin Costner.

The villain, however, doesn't hold a candle to the smarmy Bethlehem in the movie. He is too remote an evil and as such never constitutes a significant threat. The climax is action packed and exciting, and the conclusion very satisfying with some "aww" moments. It would have been even better if Mason and Jenna had been present. Overall this is an excellent conclusion to an entertaining series, and I look forward to more from these authors.

I found this series excellent! The main characters in this book are Tru and Pen. Both of them were a part of the first one and now we can see them twelve years later when everything about them has change. The world at this point is a hard place to live and everyone fights for his own survival. Both of them have experienced the loss of important persons in their lives and nothing is the same as when they first met. Pen has a reputation. She has great magic inside her and almost everyone treats her a deity.

Now, with Tru back in her life things are going to change. She likes that for him is Penny, the 9-year-old girl he once knew and live with for some years. Tru had a hard life. Since he was a kid he only knew about loss. When he saw Pen after so many years and with her being so different he knew that his life is about to change. Tru and Pen had an unusual development but both of them are survivors.

Have you ever met a character and thought even if they were the savior of the universe, you still wouldn't like them? That's Tru. Jun 24, Alison Jansen rated it liked it. I have to admit, I was left struggling a little bit with this book. It was slow to begin with, and Pen was a little confusing and a little hard to understand, but she did grow on me, we did get to understand her more as the book went on. While she was in the first book, she was only a little girl and was not a major character, although we were left knowing that she would play a massive part in the future books.

Tru was awesome, I'm so glad we got to see more of him, he intrigued me from the firs I have to admit, I was left struggling a little bit with this book. Tru was awesome, I'm so glad we got to see more of him, he intrigued me from the first book, and it was lovely to see him and Pen come together in the final book.

Pen has spent her many years travelling around using her magic in a selfless way and creating a name and legend of herself, to the community she is know as "the Orchid". Her one goal has always been to destroy General O'Malley, who makes life a living hell for people after the time of change.

While trying to disguise herself as a slave and get access to O'Malleys camp, the convoy she is in is attacked by a lion. After all bad guys are dead and the lion transforms back to his human form, Pen realises that it is her friend from when she was a little kid. Tru does not recognise Pen at first, becasue it has been 12 years since he left Jenna and Mason's house. His life has changed, and Pen is disgusted at the man he has become, he spends his life roaming around finding women, using them for a few days and discarding them.

We do eventually learn what has turned Tru into a cynical man, who would rather spend his time in his lion form that spend time with other humans. When Tru recognises Pen, as much as he doesn't want to, he knows that they are destined to be together. She has spent her whole adult life being revered and treated as a God, and Tru is not going to put up with that crap. But there is something about her spirit that calls to him, and despite her stand-off-ish demeanour he cant help but fall for her.

Pen has spent her whole life being selfless and thinking of others before herself, she has no clue how to be with Tru, and continues to put their relationship second, which annoyed me a but. I cant stand when people martyr themselves like she does! I did enjoy this book, and the ending was epic!

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I loved it. Fans of the series will not be disappointed!!! What I would have liked to see in the epilogue was a scene with Tru and Pen back with Jenna and Mason, that would have made my day!!!! Dec 10, Vanessa theJeepDiva rated it it was amazing Shelves: , apocalypse , paranormal-romance.

Daybreak is both shocking and surprising from the very beginning. Readers were first introduced to Penelope and Truman in Nightfall. They were children that survived the change with the help of a group of people that bonded over those first terrifying months. Over the course of the past twelve years they have independently ventured out into the Changed world and it has changed them.

I was shocked as to how they are as adults. Shocked in a good way, but still I guess because I had not read them a Daybreak is both shocking and surprising from the very beginning. Shocked in a good way, but still I guess because I had not read them as they became adults I had completely different people in my head. Tru has experienced tragedy in his life, now he is looking to erase the pains of his past and letting his inner beast roam. Pen is trying to make the Changed world a better place using her magic. He is evil and ruins too many lives for the benefit of his own.

Tru and Pen together as adults involved in a romantic relationship… WOW. These two going from road side companions to happily ever after was an incredible story. They truly are perfect for each other. They need one another in so many ways. Individually they are both amazing characters.

They have survived and to a certain extent thrived in this Change world. The survival speaks volumes as to how strong they are. Once they are put together all of their weakness, vulnerabilities, and inner walls all become visible very rapidly. This allows for readers to get an amazing love story. Pen and Tru heal each other while going through a fair amount of self-healing. I have only one disappointment with this series. The couples from the previous books are not revisited. I would have liked to know how they are doing. The series takes place over the course of twelve years, so the original group that survived that first winter in Nightfall they have all moved on into their own lives.

Now that I pointed this out as my only disappointment I feel the need to point out that it did not take anything vital away from the books. It was just something I would have really enjoyed. View 1 comment. Jun 23, Carien rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , pnr , post-apocalyptic. An awesome conclusion of a brilliant trilogy. I thought Tru one of the lead characters was one of the coolest side characters in Nightfall, the first book in the trilogy, so I've really been looking forward to this book and it sure was worth the wait.

Tru is an amazingly cool character. He's disillusioned, brutal and selfish at first, but the inner growth he goes through in this book is believable and great to read and I liked how this doesn't mean he goes all soft, but still keeps his lethal e An awesome conclusion of a brilliant trilogy. He's disillusioned, brutal and selfish at first, but the inner growth he goes through in this book is believable and great to read and I liked how this doesn't mean he goes all soft, but still keeps his lethal edge.

Penny was a more difficult character for me to connect with. She's all set on doing good in a way that would make her vulnerable and easy prey if she didn't have her magical powers to protect her. Her character really showed her youth and it was good to see how she toughened up.

The romance between them was intense and they really are a good match as both had character traits the other could learn from.

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The story was less gritty and grim than the previous two, but just as exciting. The setting and world are awesome, although there seemed to be less world building, but that's probably because I'm already familiar with the world after reading the first two books, so any world building that was done didn't give me anything new. I will confess I'm totally bummed out this is the last book in this trilogy, because I could have read many more books set in this totally awesome post-apocalyptic setting.

I expected this book to be really good and I was not disappointed. This love story was definitely the most romantic of the three. After i'd read the opening chapters, I thought the book was going to be a huge disappointment but I was so wrong! Pen's character was not at all what I expected from the silent, almost ethereal little girl introduced in the first novel. I thought she'd grow up into some wise, all knowing woman like Yoda or something, but instead she was even more broken than Tru when I expected this book to be really good and I was not disappointed.

I thought she'd grow up into some wise, all knowing woman like Yoda or something, but instead she was even more broken than Tru when we first met him. And while I knew our emo Tru was going to grow up into a decent man, I had no idea he was going to grow into someone so wholly poetic and passionate. I'm pretty sure I fell in love with him myself reading this novel!

I think what I loved about this novel as a love story was that both characters really drew each forward.

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Tru taught Penny she could be a great healer without sacrificing herself; that to love was to let love break her wide open, and she showed him he was strong enough to love again and let love break him wide open as it had with Danni. I really loved that the male character taught that lesson to the female character since it's usually the other way around. This read was absolutely my favorite of the three. Favorite quote from this book in case you couldn't tell : a cause isn't love, Penelope. Love breaks you wide open. Definitely my favorite of the entire series!

There were a lot of things that I felt were inconsistent with the characters we'd met in the first book, but by the end I was rooting for Tru and Pen to have their Happy Ever After. There was more tenderness in this book than in its predecessors, and though she was pretty powerful, I didn't feel like Pen was a she-woman who didn't need a man at all.

They fit together well, and the ending brought some closure to a situation I was having great difficult Definitely my favorite of the entire series! They fit together well, and the ending brought some closure to a situation I was having great difficulty understanding. I'm glad the authors addressed it, and didn't leave us hanging in that respect, though I definitely wish we could've read about the reunion between them and their "parents".

Now that we know the world is moving in the right direction again, I almost wish we had one more book in the series. I wouldn't mind Adrian getting his happy ending someday, though I might not have enough faith that the authors wouldn't turn him into a complete jerk in later years. Nov 01, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , reads. Nov 10, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I really liked this book. I won this book from goodreads without reading the first 2 in the trilogy.

I am planning on buying the first 2 so that I can read them as well. The book for me was little bit along the same lines as the Kate Daniels books. But there are more than enough differences that it does not seem like the same series. A disappointing end in the trilogy that had seemed so promising in book 1. Jul 15, kittykat rated it liked it Shelves: read , dystopia-pa , pnr , witches , shifters-feline. It's now 12 years since The Change. Penny and Tru now meet again as adults.

Pen is well renowned, she is "The Orchid" and Tru is different too. But I can't help wonder why both of them left their new home with Jenna and Mason from book 1 at such early ages to wander almost aimlessly till they came together again. Were they star-crossed? It would certainly seem so. This last in the trilogy I feel because of the foresha 3. This last in the trilogy I feel because of the foreshadowing from book 1 had more balanced between the romance and sex even though it felt a tad awkward at times and the rest of the plot than the previous two, but still, it didn't feel quite as breathtaking to me as Chris and Rosa's story.

Although this one was full of magical and supernatural beings usually a big win for me where the previous one was decidedly more human, it didn't quite pull my strings as tight. I would describe this one as The Hilltop to book two's location being a mix of Alexandria and The Kingdom with perhaps the majority of book 1's location being the CDC and the farm! After a trust being questioned, big battles, and many losses, the cause for civilization and freedom from slavery and tyranny won, and there was a bright beacon of hope for the future.

When the end of the world came upon them, the heroine was a scared little girl whose mother was just murdered in front of her and the hero was an angry and bitter teenager. Going their separate ways, they thought they would never see each other again. The heroine, tormented by an incident where her loss of control over her powers killed 5 little girls, she's not dedicated her life to doing everything she can to bring down an evil warlord.

Then she is reunited with the hero. The angry teenager ha When the end of the world came upon them, the heroine was a scared little girl whose mother was just murdered in front of her and the hero was an angry and bitter teenager. The angry teenager has grown up into a selfish man who is the portrait of what humanity has developed into. The heroine, untrusting of others just as must, offers a bargain. At first, their relationship is rocky at best.

But she also has no idea how to love people. I liked this book because it switched up the characters personality as we went along. At first, it was the heroine who was the saint and the hero who was the selfish man who cared for nothing and no body. He had reasons for the way he acted and the way he treated people but deep inside, I truly felt he was the one who knew how to love other people.

True he was only helping the people of the haven because of his love for the heroine but he did it with honesty in his heart. He did it because he loved her and he knew how to show it. She on the other hand had to really search herself and realize what love was and what it truly means to love another person. I loved the real emotions and the brutal honesty between the characters ad in the disruption of the world they now live in. It was deep. But it showed that no matter what, there is always to possibility of hope.

Another aspect of the story that I quite enjoyed was the fact that the hero and heroine were not the leaders of the rebellion. Instead, they combined their efforts to help put another better man in charge. I thought that was cool and a nice change of pace. I liked this story BUT, I found myself dragging my butt to finish it.

It was jagged at parts and I found myself really having to focus when my mind began to wonder. May 27, L-D rated it really liked it Shelves: shifters-weres , series , armageddon-apocalypse-dystopia. In that book, I was very drawn to introverted and twitchy Tru, the adolescent who came from an abusive family. After being taken in by Mason and Jenna, Tru learned how to be a man from Mason, his new father-figure. Mason taught him how to fight and in watching his relationship with Jenna, how to love. Penny was very young and withdrawn from the nightmare of the changing world and the dea We were introduced to Truman "Tru" Daugherty and Penelope "Penny" in the first book of this series Nightfall.

Penny was very young and withdrawn from the nightmare of the changing world and the death of her mother. She latches on to Tru in an unlikely pairing. Tru was such a gruff kid, that it was touching the way he comforted Penny and opened himself up to her and she idolized him as only a young girl could. A couple of years later, Tru left to make his own way in the world, and many years later, Penny left her comfortable home with Jenna and Mason also.

Eventually, their travels caused them to bump into each other as adults. Tru is now a lion shapeshifter and Penny's magic has made her into a living legend that people reverently call the Orchid. The Orchid's legend has reached nearly mythical proportions with her ability to heal, kill, and fight. Pen is my favorite heroine of this series. I thought she was strong and powerful and did not have the emotional damage of Rosa. On the other hand, at first I was really disappointed in Tru and the man he became. He's callous, selfish, and his only goals are seemingly to hunt or to have sex.

Frankly, he kind of disgusted me with his attitude and I was really confused about where this attitude came from. After being helped by Mason and Jenna, I couldn't understand how he'd grown into this type of person.

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Eventually, however, as the story developed further and events of their past came to light, I could understand his attitude better and realized that it took a person like Tru to finally love Pen as a woman, and not to hold her on a pedestal as the Orchid. Tru and Pen are at odds with the future that they want for themselves. Tru is selfish and does not want to be a hero.

He wants to live his own life. Pen on the other hand, wants to help humanity even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. Tru cannot be second-best in Pen's affections and because of this and fear of rejection, he keeps her at arm's length. This story was engaging as these two struggle to find common ground. I thought the battles were exciting, the characters engaging, and the overall plot and conclusion I felt were pretty satisfying. If I were to change one thing however At the end of the book, it's clear that they are going to be heading home to set up their permanent home with Jenna and Mason as they await the birth of their baby.

I would have preferred to see more of that HEA life in the epilogue. Maybe watching Jenna and Pen's kids play together or have them talking as they sit and watch their families. Dec 13, Netanella rated it it was amazing Shelves: post-apocalyptic , paranormal-romance. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I promise you the full strength of my back and spirit in our shared journey, all the days of our lives.

I will never forsake or betray you. I am yours to my last breath. Dual promises of both respect and desire. She took a breath once they sat back. Only with you am I whole, a woman capable of giving and receiving love. You made me believe I could be more, and I will spend my life working to make you as happy as you make me.

That definitely needed to be sealed with a kiss. There were no witnesses, but in this world, their promise—their kiss—was enough. To again have someone who belonged to him. Oh, Pen. For us. People might assume that nothing they possessed was good enough. That had to suck. The work was primitive, not high quality, and certainly not on par with old-world wedding rings. But her expression lit up when he reached for her wrist to fasten the small ornament.

The circle, likewise, representing a love without end. The future was uncertain. But tonight? He would make love to his wife. Natural endorphins. You make everything better. You always did. I truly love the last installment of Ellen Connor's " Dark Age Dawning " trilogies for few reasons: One , because in this book, I think that the hero Tru and heroine Pen are really startin and ending in equal ground.

In book 1, Mason is pretty much a figher before Jenna turns in to a werewolf due to the bite. In book 2, while both Rosa and Chris start as human, but Chris already has that magic in him, which helps him to turn into leopard in the end. But not Tru and Pen. Tru is already a skinw I truly love the last installment of Ellen Connor's " Dark Age Dawning " trilogies for few reasons: One , because in this book, I think that the hero Tru and heroine Pen are really startin and ending in equal ground.

Tru is already a skinwalker, and in much more control compared to Jenna and Chris. While Pen already showed her magic when she was only 9-years old, and it's in full strength now; not only being able to transport herself but also mind-control and healing. I LOVE that Two , I love how Tru is so in tune with his lion-part, that the lion has a mind of its own but at the same time live alongside Tru's humanself.

I enjoy reading about skinwalker's life from the beginning. And Tru is just so, so wonderful. I don't think of him as a full bastard, actually. He already shows that sign of being irrevent, cynical, and callous since he was only 15 years old. It doesn't feel like he's undergone a character surgery like Chris in book 2.

And Pen is stronger than ever. Their love is beautiful, and those words " I gave you my all, love. I did. I did " are pretty much my favorite words in the whole series. LOVE that!! I enjoy that the 'issue' of Tru and Pen is not simply about trust like the first two books, but on how Pen needs to see and understand that she NEEDS Tru's love, and to choose Tru as her destiny, in addition to the 'sacrifice' that Tru needs to do, to let go of Pen when she's doing her world-saving thing.

My complaints are pretty much the lack of Mason and Jenna. I guess I wish that Tru and Pen actually see them again. I miss the couple, and it's not enough that I only "hear" about them from Tru and Pen's conversations. Also view spoiler [Tru's life after Mason and Jenna are a bit too similar with Chris; with losing wife, and then wander alone. Why the similar plot? All in all, a great ending to the trilogy.

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I wouldn't mind another story or novella about Adrian :p. Yes, I'm reaching Apr 27, Parajunkee rated it liked it. The story and plot were up to par with the rest of the series, I believe my lack of verve revolved around the main characters. Finally, Daybreak includes The Phoenix Files which is a comprehensive listing of nuclear facilities, military installations, toxic waste dumps, oil refineries, seismic risk zones, geothermal regions, natural disaster hazard zones, as well as a suggested pole shift realignment configuration.

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