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Here, there are many deities present. Two representations of Justice as female dominate the ceiling of the room 32 , and a statue of the law il Diritto , in the form of a naked male, lies above the entrance. The room itself resembles a church, a kind of basilica complete with an apse; or if not a Christian church then the Temple of Solomon, so dear to Freemasonry, since many of the political leaders and artists of the period were freemasons, including Zanardelli and Calderini.

Zanardelli presided only over the second one. Seventeen months and three competitions later, all the sketches of the most important statues, including the bronze quadriga at the top of the former main entrance, were approved Giulio Monteverde, senator and renowned sculptor, was the President of the Commission. However, on May 13 th , during a meeting of the Commission, Calderini read aloud a letter that he had received from Zanardelli, in which the concepts exposed by the former Minister of Justice during the foundation stone laying ceremony were further developed.

The Commission stated that the letter had to be put aside and that it had to be re-read the day after, when Commissioner Boito would be present. It is evident that the warnings of Zanardelli could not be disregarded:. On August 11 th , a new competition was launched for the last statues, which were meant to represent Bartolus de Saxoferrato, Giambattista De Luca, Giambattista Vico and Domenico Romagnosi.

These statues, which represent medieval and modern jurists, were there to signify the continuity of the legal tradition in Italy Finally, on January 21 st , after almost twelve years, a new Commission Commissione per i lavori del nuovo Palazzo di Giustizia in Roma was appointed by Royal Decree.

L'Autel des Sacrifiés by Fredrick D'Anterny

Less than a month later, Zanardelli wrote a letter to the Minister of Public Works Pietro Lacava to reiterate his commitment and to thank him for his trust. Minister Lacava intervened only to say that the time limits of the contract would be respected April 30 th and that he was sure that the palace would be finished in Despite his optimism, the palace was only inaugurated on January 11 th This brief statement is particularly interesting, as it suggests that the President already had the idea to hand the task to Cesare Maccari 41 , who was at that time very famous for three works in particular.

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The first one was the fresco that Zanardelli particularly admired, Cicero denounces Catiline 42 as well as the other paintings of the Sala Gialla of the Italian Senate, now known as Sala Maccari ; second, the frescoes of the Sala Risorgimento of the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, where Maccari depicted King Victor Emmanuel II receiving the plebiscite of the Romans along with the transportation of his remains to the Pantheon 43 ; finally, the decoration of the dome of the Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto The others were substituted by their representatives or were not mentioned at all.

Calderini and Miceli both contributed to the discussion and Zanardelli brought up, once more, the topic of the frescoes; discussing with Calderini if there was a wall big enough for a grand subject in the Great Hall of the Court of Cassation. Then, with a brief sentence, Zanardelli demonstrated his power: he was going to talk to the Minister of Public Works about the frescoes and he was going to designate Cesare Maccari as the right artist to carry out the task:. Maccari had two years to submit his sketches to the Minister and four years to execute the paintings from the day of approval Therefore, the frescoes should have been finished by but, when the painter was paralyzed in , a lot of work was still to be completed At the time of the appointment of Maccari, Schupfer born in had been professor of History of Italian Law and of Roman Law at the University of Rome for more than twenty years.

He studied law in Verona, Innsbruck, Heidelberg and Vienna. He became Senator in and continued to teach at the University of Rome until , when he retired aged 87 In the Archivio Zanardelli at the State Archive of Brescia, the city where the Minister was born, there is a kind of memorandum in which the whole iconographical project of the Aula Massima is described.

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The fresco depicting Ispala Fecenia is not mentioned but it could also be that a page of the document is missing. The memorandum is handwritten but not by Zanardelli himself, rather by a clerk.

Finally, the document was found in the personal archive of Zanardelli in Brescia. Map of the Aula Massima with the current position of the frescoes, based on an original map of the entire first floor of the Palace of Justice ACS, b. They were never realized two wide curtains cover, since , the walls that should have been painted , but the pictures of the sketches were published in , courtesy of Lady Maccari De Dominicis, daughter of the painter Limiting the number of works that could be used in a trial, the aim of this constitutio principis was clearly to bestow more certainty in the law: an aim that the young Kingdom of Italy, which in promulgated its fifth and last Code the Criminal Code , could easily approve.

AD, the Sabiniani and Proculiani , should be represented and distinguished in some way. Furthermore, the document suggested that some jurists should be represented while advising a client, on legal or economic matters, others while writing and others while teaching. In the whole memorandum Zanardelli showed his erudition, quoting classic works e. Cicero and the most recent academic literature e. Charles Diehl as well as episodes and characters from Roman history, such as Tiberius Coruncanius, famous for being the first plebeian Pontifex Maximus and the first to publicly profess the law.

During the exhibition on August 1 st , the Commission devoted only a few words to this painting, which, nevertheless, was apparently the only one that completely satisfied Francesco Schupfer The picture available to view in the publication is of bad quality but it is clear that the lawyers were divided in groups the one in the foreground probably representing the five jurists of the Law of Citations and that the attitudes suggested in the memorandum were respected. In the background, a great temple of justice?

On one side of the fresco, the painter was tasked with representing Cicero, on the other the lawyer defending Verres, Quintus Hortensius Hortalus, and next to them some noblemen; all around, were Romans and Sicilians who testified during the trial. Also Alba Aemilius, defined as a vulgar man, should be represented while telling the people that Verres bought the judges. Zanardelli specified that Verres himself often intervened with an ironic and scornful attitude. Finally, he also suggested that the artist read a recently published book, in order to better understand how to render the location of the trial Others noted that the crowd present at the trial was excessive.

Their few comments were silenced by Zanardelli The Trial of Verres, nevertheless, is more famous, as Cicero described it in his speeches In Verrem Against Verres , studied by generations of students, not just in Italy. Verres was accused of corruption and extortion through public office and of many other related crimes. He was officially appointed lawyer for the Sicilians and went to the island to collect evidence.

In the meantime, Verres tried to buy Cicero too but he was not successful.

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When it became clear that he had no chance of winning, he went into exile, with his treasures, to Massilia modern-day Marseilles , where he remained until his death. He was found guilty, but only of some of the crimes of which he was accused, and the Sicilians were indemnified only in part. Cicero was the real winner: the trial gave a boost to his political career after he published five speeches related to the trial, even though only the first one had been heard in court.

He even proposed personifying the elements that converged in the Corpus Iuris Civilis , such as ius gentium and aequitas. In this case too, he suggested a book; however, not by an Italian author but by the famous French historian Charles Diehl. The main reason is that the composition is reminiscent of the famous byzantine mosaics of the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna, not because of the features of Justinian, but because of the way in which the Emperor and his court were depicted, as a rigid and solemn row of dignitaries looking at the spectator, typical of Byzantine art.

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Fondation de Kumkam '? Campagne conire Martaban,. Campagne contre Pagan. Fondation de Xieng Man. Dans Jkm. C'est ce qu'il est impossible de dire pour le moment, faute d'autres vestiges. Bode Pali Literature oj Barma, p.

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Fondation de la ville. Vat Pa. Tato param. Tesu Ucchittacakkavatti Haripunjayam pathamataram patto. So ca Ucchittacakka-. Tato Udeno ekam vassam. Tadaccayena tassa putto Haripyavo rajjam alabhi. Vattitejo puna Suvannabhumim gato. Tasmim yeva vasse tattha Bodhidumam ropesi. Ekam Lavapure. Ekam Sudhammanagare. Etasmim yeva Rammanadesake dve thapesi.

Na ciras-. Ekekena varaclvarayugena pujesi. Quand ils furent grands, ils s'unirent. Un jour, il me montra cet endroit-ci en disant: Voici remplacement d'une relique du Buddha, garde-lc! De concert avec tous les habitants de la ville et tous les bhikkhus, il salua la place, fit l'anjali et appela la relique en ces termes :.

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Tout ce que le roi des corbeaux a dit est-il faux, est-il vrai? S, A. En C- S. Sud '. Sumana prit la relique. De leur union naquit un fils beau et. Celui-ci, apprenant. Le messager mit la statue dans une jonque et partit. Le mandarin Brahmajeyya prit Sukhodaya 5. Soyez amis tous deux, oubliez vos discordes. Sinon, je vais lui livrer bataille. Gomment cela? Ils se rendirent ensuite. S- , C. Pendant la construction, de nombreux miracles se produisirent. Puis en C. Le thera Nagasena se demandait ce qu'il pourrait bien faire pour favoriser l'expansion 'de la religion dans l'avenir.

Jl connut qu'il atteindrait ce but au moyen d'une image du Buddha. Sire, vous pouvez la prendre. Plus tard,. Pourquoi cela? Ce roi qui en avait entendu parler, ordonna de la faire prendre. Pourquoi ce miracle? Parce qu'il n'y avait pas de grande ville le long de la route. En CS. Puis il entoura la Grande Relique d'un mur en or valant plus de cent mille. C'est pourquoi moi, qui durant ces deux.

Il y eut donc au total candidats 2. Le jour de la pleine lune, il entoura la Grande Relique d'un mur de bronze.

Le dimanche, jour de la pleine lune de Bhadrapada, au. Voici l'historique de cette statue de santal. Le roi Pasenadi fit faire la statue de santal sept ans avant le Parini- bbana du Bienheureux. Ce dernier l'adora pendant 10 ans. Fin du chapitre relatif a la statue de santal. Et ce roi fut aussi un roi pieux. Mahantassa balassa ' nikkhamavassake -. Bhonto tamhesu yo koci passito viparitakam. Ecoutez-moi avec attention. Tous les habitants du royaume nageaient dans le bonheur et la joie. Il livra bataille, mais il fut vaincu.

Il demeura dans la ville autant qu'il lui plut. Aussi veuillez l'exaucer exactement! Et le bruit assourdissant des tambours, tambourins, cymbales, conques, et le son des instruments de musique, furent comme le bruit d'une vague brisant la terre. Qui d'entre vous se retournera contre lui? Il nous donne un motif de combattre. Qu'en dites-vous? Ce prince est encore tout petit, le lait mousse encore autour de sa bouche -. Creusons-les pendant un jour et une nuit, en nous servant exclusivement de fers de lances.

Celui qui au lever du soleil aura atteint la plus grande profondeur sera vainqueur. C'est moi qui aurai la victoire sans erreur possible. Mais ceux de. Les adversaires ne pouvaient pas se. Au lever du soleil, il fit frapper le tambour au milieu de la ville. Et tous ces noms sont encore en usage aujourd'hui. C'est ce que l'auteur dit dans ces stances :. Dans la suite, les Kambojas devinrent la proie de graves maladies. Pourquoi reviens-tu les mains vides?

Xieng Mai. Xieng Dao. Xieng Rai. Xieng Sen. Date : C. Pavie, p.