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Queen Elizabeth I

For more information, including changing Cookies settings for your browser, view our policy. Fully-prepared lesson packs with plans, slides and a range of resources Detailed and differentiated, created by experienced primary teachers Plan less, enjoy more with ready-to-teach and instantly-downloadable packs. Year 1 Year 2 KS1. View description Trustpilot. Your class will learn about the famous Queen Elizabeth I and the Tudor family in this lesson. Your children will begin to understand how Elizabeth I became queen and what life was like during the Tudor period.

They will also learn about the changes that occurred towards the end of the Tudor period as a result of Elizabeth's reign. Add to Wishlist Email me for a reminder. Add to Basket. Other people bought Florence Nightingale Year 2 KS1. Resources at your fingertips We really do mean this! Written by professionals We're qualified primary teachers with extensive classroom experience. More time for you Stuck for ideas on Sunday evening? Hers is a tale of longing to be loved by her father; basking in the glow of that love when it is occasionally given; and being devastated when she is periodically banned from his palace.

Kathryn Lasky recreates the life of a little girl who grows up to be the Queen of England for forty-five years and was an important enough historical figure that an entire age of English history bears her name — the Elizabethan Age. Her life to date has been complicated by a series of mothers and moves — occurrences not uncommon to many modern young people — but hers have left scars that few of us ever encounter.

Elizabeth continues describing her mother's death with a detached calm that comes from encountering violence much too frequently: "Almost eight years ago, when I was not yet three, Father chopped off [my mother's] head. He ordered it done. Indeed, he sent for a French swordsman, They are skilled in beheading, and it hurts less with a sword than with an ax.

Or so they say. It is not as if anyone has come back to speak on the matter. As a princess, Elizabeth has learned to hide her private side.

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No one else realizes how much she feels like a "forgotten princess," believing she is "nearly invisible" to her father and his retinue. That is why she must hide her diary as she moves from palace to palace.

Queen Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada KS1 Lesson Plan and Worksheet

If it were ever discovered, Elizabeth would surely be banished or even worse, beheaded like her mother. Elizabeth's governess, who has cared for her since her since birth, fears that the young princess herself is the target of murderous plots. We must personally check for rats, and more importantly, we must check for poison. Together with Elizabeth, we watch her father and his troops vanquish the French army. We attend masked balls, study with tutors, hunt, and move from palace to palace, always aware of how fragile and tenuous our hold on life really is.

Each pinch, each pat, each laugh and casual glance becomes for us, just as for Princess Elizabeth, an indication that her father, King Henry VIII, realizes he has a daughter. Maybe he even loves her. Discussion Guide written by Richard F. Abrahamson, Ph.

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    Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list. Save Back. The Teacher Store Cart. Checkout Now. Teach This Lesson. Book Summary "My mother, once Queen, is now dead. What did you learn about life in England during the s that surprised you most? What does Elizabeth mean when she refers to herself as "a slim shadow in a Palace window" July 3, and "a forgotten Princess. Elizabeth wonders what will happen to her if her father gets angry with her or thinks she is disloyal.

    What has her father done to cause her such worry? Elizabeth frequently writes that she will never marry.